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Welcome to UFLF 1804!

A Haitian owned, independent apparel brand whose goal is to showcase Haitian history through fashion. Whether it be through our staple 1804 badges, paying homage to the year Haiti became the 1st black nation to free itself of slavery by conquering the worlds greatest armies or through our Dessalines badges showcasing Jean-Jacques Dessalines, one of the generals who was a pivotal character that lead us to victory. We will continue to put the history of Haiti at the forefront of fashion in ways you have never seen done before.

Founded in 2020, based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, UFLF 1804 delivers premium quality Haiti inspired apparel to the world. L'Union Fait La Force is the slogan that is found on the Haitian flag and our mandate is to unite Haitians all over the world through fashion. Our badges resonate, like a salute without words, a true silent signal of comradery paying homage to those who paved the way before us making it possible for us to be great in our own way.

Through our YouTube channel (UFLF 1804), it is important for us to show how many wonderful people are around us. By conducting in-depth interviews with our community's leading independent brands, businesses and artists, we are able to share their stories and journeys. Displaying the many facets in which one can shine, mirrors what we want to achieve through fashion. We offer an endless array of color combinations in hoodies, sweaters, sweatpants, shorts, t-shirts and more so that everyone can still be unique in a crowd. Have a look and see for yourself! We still have a lot of road to conquer, and we plan on bringing you every step of the way! Join the rebellion!

Welcome to UFLF 1804!

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